Not in a car

I generally try to not participate in “celeb news,” but when I read a headline that involved Wendy William’s telling Alyssa Milano, a unintentional breastfeed advocate, that women should “go to the car” to breastfeed, I took note, and immediately thought of this article, that illustrates how disparate the Western view of breasts and nursing is, compared to other parts of the world. And I gotta say, Mongolia definitely does it better. (This is a GREAT article, by the way, and one that I’ve shared before.)

“When I walked through the market cradling my feeding son in my arms, vendors would make a space for me at their stalls and tell him to drink up. Instead of looking away, people would lean right in and kiss [my baby] on the cheek. If he popped off in response to the attention and left my streaming breast completely exposed, not a beat was missed. No one stared, no one looked away – they just laughed and wiped the milk off their noses.”

Oh yeah, and here’s a photo my me and my bebe, opting for comfortable sunbeam, instead of car.

in a sunbeam

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